Types and functions of filling machines

        Filling machines are a large category of packaging machinery, which occupies a large part. The following briefly introduces the types and functions of filling machines.
        The filling machine can be divided into: in terms of the degree of automation of production, it is divided into semi-automatic filling machine and fully automatic filling production line. From the perspective of material packaging, it can be divided into liquid filling machine and paste filling machine. Powder filling machine, granule filling machine. The sub-categories of filling machines can be gradually subdivided in this way: liquid filling machines can be divided into atmospheric filling machines, pressure filling machines and vacuum filling machines according to the filling principle.
Atmospheric filling machines are filled by the weight of the liquid under atmospheric pressure. This type of filling machine is divided into two types: timing filling and constant volume filling. They are only suitable for filling low-viscosity and gas-free liquids such as milk. , Wine, etc.
  Pressure filling machine is used for filling at higher than atmospheric pressure, suitable for filling liquids containing gas, such as beer, soda, champagne, etc.
The vacuum filling machine is used to fill the bottle when the pressure in the bottle is lower than the atmospheric pressure. This type of filling machine has a simple structure, high efficiency, and a wide range of material viscosity adaptations, such as oils, syrups, fruit wines, etc. Be applicable.
  In addition, there are various filling machine varieties such as oil filling machine, plug filling machine, sauce filling machine, granular slurry filling machine, powder filling machine and so on.
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Post time: Oct-30-2021