Questions to pay attention to when using tube filling machine

       Tube Filling Machine is also widely used in many industries such as cosmetics, food, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. When using Tube Filling Machin, attention should be paid to sterilization, low-temperature filling, and cleanliness. Science and technology are primary productive forces. More and more high-tech production equipment enters various production industries, playing an important role in their respective fields.   

           The best way to ensure the sterilization effect is to control the sterilization time and temperature. While ensuring the final effect, it is also necessary to prevent the sterilization time from being too long or the temperature from being too high, and try to avoid beverage oxidation. Cool down as soon as possible after sterilization so that the temperature does not exceed 35°C.

          Low-temperature filling is the minimum requirement for liquid filling, because liquids are not prone to foam at low temperatures and can be easily filled. In the filling machine operation, low temperature water is needed to reduce the temperature of the filling machine tank and the conveying pipe. When the filling temperature exceeds 4℃, the temperature should be lowered before the filling process. It is necessary to make full use of the heat preservation tank and constant temperature filling to keep the beverage at a certain constant temperature within the prescribed time of filling, so as to avoid the unstable operation of the filling machine due to excessive temperature changes.

          Keep the tubes of the tube filling machine clean. All the tubes, especially those in direct or indirect contact with the materials, must be kept clean. They must be scrubbed weekly, water must be drained every day, and sterilized each time; ensure that the filling machine is clean and the materials The tank should be scrubbed and sterilized to ensure that there is no dirt and bacteria in the part that contacts the material. In addition, the filling equipment should be isolated from other equipment, the lubrication part of the filling machine and the filling material part should be prevented from cross-contamination, and the conveyor belt should be lubricated with special soapy water or lubricating oil. The container of the filling machine must be kept clean, and the filling container used must be strictly inspected and cleaned to prevent the beverage after filling from being contaminated; it is also very necessary to keep the filling workshop clean and tidy.


Post time: Nov-13-2021